Annual Dinner

Annual Dinner,  May 3, 2015   Remarks made by incoming president Ellen Bensusan First, I would like to thank Michael Feldman for his dedication and passion as president of our congregation for the past 2 ½ years.  I hope that … Continue reading

Our Anniversary

Remarks made by Michael Feldman at our celebration of the 40th anniversary of our revival and the 115th anniversary of our congregation Shabbat shalom.  I would like to welcome everybody to the celebration and recognition of our 115th anniversary as … Continue reading


Bulletin Article, February 2015 Anti-Semitism is on the rise.  We read daily of attacks on synagogues, cemeteries and Jewish neighborhoods.    This is in the context of religious intolerance in general.  Even in Rhode Island, a state founded on the principles … Continue reading

Our Building

Bulletin Article September 2014 Our building will be celebrating its centennial in 2016 and, like most 98 year-olds, it does have a few aches and pains.    Some of the wiring is original, there isn’t much insulation, the HVAC systems are … Continue reading

Growing Our Membership

Bulletin Article, May 2014 One of our goals this year is to build our membership.   At the annual meeting, I mentioned our goal of 60-65 memberships.   As I mentioned, going beyond that goal would strain our building capacity, but that … Continue reading

We were slaves…

Two blocks west of our synagogue is Bristol Harbor which, 80 years before the founding of United Brothers, was one of the most active ports participating in the slave trade in the United States.  Although most Africans were brought to … Continue reading