Welcome to United Brothers Synagogue

We welcome all who are interested in participating in Jewish life.
We use the Reform prayerbooks, Mishkan T’Filah and Miskan Hanefesh.
We are a small, intimate congregation where everyone knows your name.
We are a synagogue with deep roots founded in 1900 and worship in a beautifully preserved, historic building..
We are an independent congregation with an innovative spiritual leader.
We welcome interfaith couples.
We welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members.

Happy Hanukah!

Please join us December 2 for our annual Latkepalooza Hanukah celebration, again featuring the Alef Beats of Brown/RISD.

Cantor Gluck at last years event.

Brought together by a love of music and a passion for Jewish culture, the Alef Beats of Brown/RISD have been singing up and down the East Coast since their inception in 2005. The Beats sing in all styles, including Israeli and American pop/rock, old country Yiddish melodies, showtunes, and arrangements of modern Hebrew liturgical songs. Their membership roster includes those from as far afield as Southeast Asia, and as close to home as the Providence suburbs. Concentrations within the group vary as well, ranging from Computer Science to Classics. Through it all, though, the Beats remain united with a common friendship and a healthy appreciation for Jewish values and tradition.

The Alef Beats at our 2021 Hanukah celebration.

Because of concerns about Covid, we will not be having our traditional dinner but we will have an oneg after services featuring latkes and Hanukah snacks.

Services are at 7:30. We are meeting in-person. However, all attendees must show proof of vaccination. Alternatively, you can watch our services on YouTube. This month’s link is https://youtu.be/riqJGadwWUA

Other News

Our weekly Mah-Jong group meets every Tuesday at 7:00PM. All levels of players are welcome. If you are interested, please email us at ubsbristol@gmail.com and we’ll send you all the details. Here’s a recent news article about the group: https://www.jewishrhody.com/stories/for-mahjong-players-april-is-about-more-than-pesach,14433

Cantor Gluck’s Blog

Dear Friends,I needed to take a day to think about and absorb the horrible tragedy that happened in Texas.I still can’t comprehend the enormity and effect that this will have on the entire country.  It is truly heartbreaking to see the faces of those beautiful children whose lives were taken for no reason whatsoever and the heroic teachers who freely gave their lives trying to protect the children in their care.There are no […]

Shabbat Shalom UBS. This week we read the parasha, Acharei Mot.  Acharei Mot means “after death” and it begins with God speaking to Moses after the death of Aaron’s two sons.  God goes on to describe how Aaron needed to prepare himself to enter the “Shrine” and be near the Ark of the Scrolls.  God says he should be dressed in a linen tunic and wear a linen turban.  He then explains […]

Tonight, we celebrate freedom.  Passover is the time of year when we recall our exodus from Egypt.  Our escape from horrible conditions and a horrible tyrant.For me, this Midrash sums up what this season is all about: “…When Moses was fleeing the Egyptians, he arrived at the Red Sea with his thousands of followers. Moses lifted up his staff, hoping for a miracle—but the sea did not part. The Egyptian soldiers […]

It is with a sad heart that I must write this message.  When I got up this morning, I had no idea that I would be writing a message of comfort to you.  I am shocked, hurt, and scared for what is going on today in Collyville, Texas.  This is another in what seems to be an unending series of attacks against Jews in all corners of the country.Let us combine our […]